Key Largo Fisheries Cafe! Hooray!

We have long loved  Key Largo Fisheries for fresh off the boat seafood to take home and cook up – but recently they opened up a cafe at the back of their outlet on Ocean Bay Drive.  Great little place to sit and look out at Ocean Bay Marina while chomping down on their “BLT” – (That’s bacon, LOBSTER and tomato!) or get it to go and take it with you on your day trip to the beach.  Just 2 minutes from the condo – so don’t miss this!

Night Fishing in Key Largo

Great to be back in the Keys! As is sadly usual – we were too long away.  As the weather is hot we decided to go out night fishing with Gulfstream at Ocean Bay marina- just about 2 minutes drive or a 7  minute walk from the condo. Excellent time! A great bunch of people and a top location hauling in a good few yellow-tails – which were delicious!   Took some to Sharkey’s for “cook your catch” – highly recommend “key largo style” as a way to cook ’em up.